Veva Play Digital Award (Non-Physical)

The Veva Play Digital Award is an esteemed digital award presented by the Veva Play Awards. This non-physical award recognizes outstanding achievements in four major categories: Hottest Artist of the Year, Best Emerging Sound, Top Album and Hottest Single. In 2023, Billie Eilish , Taylor Swift , Kanye West and Harry Styles were all honored with this prestigious award for their accomplishments as hottest artists of that year. 

This highly sought after recognition acknowledges excellence within each category through a rigorous selection process involving industry professionals who evaluate music releases to determine which artist has achieved superior performance over a period of time or throughout one particular year. The criteria include chart success on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music; radio airplay; critical acclaim from music experts; awards won at other ceremonies (such as Grammy Awards); collaborations with other famous musicians/artists; social media presence including YouTube views & followers across various channels etc… 

The ultimate goal of this annual event is to recognize emerging talent while also celebrating established stars whose work continues to push boundaries musically speaking - something that’s been exemplified by those mentioned above in 2023 when they were awarded the coveted Veva Play Digital Award for their incredible contributions towards popular culture worldwide!


This is a Image of Billie Eilish for Veva Play Digital Award for Hottest Artist

Billie Eillish 

Taylor Swift 

Harry Styles 

Kanye West