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Music | Pet Livingston 5/17/2022

Bayou Boss K9 is a Music Artist born in 1997 and raised in South Louisiana, rapper Bayou Boss K9 grew up around a substantial amount of musical influence. Many members of his very large family possess the ability to sing, produce music, play musical instruments, and other talents. His passion for rap music may have begun at an early age due to his father's strong love for the genre.


His days were filled with songs playing in the home from artists like 2Pac, Rakim, Scarface, Eminem, and Lil Boosie (his father's claimed top 5). Via his father's influence and growing up, he developed and shared a passion for classic rap styles and "the more lyrical" artists. Bayou Boss K9 exhibited an ability to write poetry at the age of 7, and would write poems that could express various thoughts and concepts. As a teen, he loved watching underground artists and cyphers. One day he would come across a rap contest hosted by Joell Ortiz.

The challenge was "Six Fo". Breaking away from his traditional writings, Bayou Boss K9 formed a song along with the instrumental provided and discovered a new passion. With high approval from friends and family, Bayou Boss K9 continued to write for years before officially taking the name. Dubbed "The Boss" from family at an early age, he commonly uses "Bayou Boss" K9 as his full official name.

His Sound & Craft

Bayou Boss K9 has a unique way of bringing his listeners into his world through lush lyricism, vivid storytelling, dynamic flow, and brilliant rhymes. Bayou's music is best described as a deep expression of his psyche and his perception of the world around him from past to current. While his style and preferences might be a little dark to some, his musical ability and microphone distinctiveness captivates his audience through tasteful beats.