Blazer Barboza and Josiah Ellison Are Fans of the New Lion King Animation

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Josiah Ellison known as Blazer Barboza child is a fan on the new lion king 3d animation
Josiah Ellison | Blazer Barboza Child

Josiah About

Birthday: January 18, 2016

Age: 6 years old

Zodiac: Capricorn

Nationality: American

Official Website: Instagram

Blazer Barboza American rapper is a fan on the new lion king film
Blazer Barboza | 2022 png

By | Brittany Williams


Josiah Ellison is a fan of the new 3D Lion King Animation film , The 6 year old also has a passion for entertainment at a early age. Him and his Father Both find animation to be relaxing and exciting. Josiah Ellison May have a passion for music as well.

His father has him in the works of creating a kid friendly audio sound tracks that's inspired by the Lion King Theme song title ''Circle of life''. which is Josiah Ellison favorite song. Blazer Barboza also has a history of creating short 3D films his most recent work was a short Lego film that was directed a produced by him self. Josiah Ellison actually inspired his father to create the 3D animation film after playing with a tons of Legos at home .