Rolling Stone Chart Ending After Veva Play Expanded

Veva Play Expands as a leading Chart Along With Billboard Hot 100

Rolling Stone End Chart After Veva Play Expands

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By | Todd Richardson

Recently Rolling Stone ended their chart. Rolling Stone is considered to be the sister site to billboard magazine. On the Other Hand Veva play chart became more commonly used after the deletion of rolling stone chart. The editors and creators of Billboard Hot 100 actually helped create the Veva Play charts, the content of Veva play became so unique this lead to rolling stone removing their chart. Billboard hot 100 and veva play both are leading charts in the united states alone with Spotify and iTunes. In 2022. Veva play received a award for outstanding chart performance which helped enhance the charts presents throughout the music industry.

The Fans of Rolling Stone became curious after searching for the most recent chart updates throughout google and its website. After noticing the chart was Deleted, Veva play immediately grew gaining some of Rolling Stone chart traffic. Veva play data is tabulated from billboard hot 100. however, in order for a artist album to reach Veva play chart the album or single must sale 350-1k album sales within the first week of the release.