How to chart on Billboard Hot 100 200 and Veva Play Chart

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how to chart on Billboard and Veva Play

Charting on the Billboard and Veva Play charts(Global Music charts) can be a great way to get your music heard by a larger audience. It is important to understand how these charts work, so you can maximize your chances of success.

The first step in charting on either of these platforms is creating high-quality music that will attract listeners. This means finding ways to make sure that your songs are well produced, catchy, and memorable for potential fans who may come across them while scrolling through their playlists or searching online. Once you have created some great tracks it’s time to start promoting them! You should focus on getting as much exposure as possible using social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram where people are more likely to listen if they come across one of your songs organically rather than having been forced into hearing it from an advertisement or radio station broadcast .

Finally, once the song has gained enough traction online with streams being generated regularly then its time submit the track for consideration onto both Billboard and Veva Play Charts which measure popularity based off streaming numbers amongst other factors like airplay etc.. If successful this could lead towards increased recognition within certain genres/markets helping boost sales figures significantly allowing artists reach new heights with their careers! So don't forget - always strive for quality content before anything else when looking at charting opportunities & good luck !

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