Top Charting artists on Veva Play and Billboard Hot 100 Music Artists Who reached No.1 on Both Charts

''Billboard and Veva Play Top Artists of All time'' Top Artists that have Charted on Major Charts

Veva play and Michael Jackson Greatest of All time chart artists

The music industry has seen many top charting artists on Veva Play and Billboard Hot 100 Music Charts over the years. Some of these artists have even achieved the feat of reaching number one on both charts, cementing their place in music history. From Mariah Carey to Micheal Jackson, The Beatles to Whitney Houston, Drake to Bruno Mars Riahnna and Eminem to Usher Chris Brown , Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Blazer Barboza, Justin Biebier, Jay Z, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Ed Sheeran - all have reached No.1 on both charts!

These iconic figures in music are celebrated for their incredible talent that transcends genres and generations alike; they have created timeless classics that will continue being loved by fans around the world long after they’re gone. It is no surprise then why so many people look up to them as inspirations when it comes creating a successful career in today's ever-evolving industry landscape full of competition from new up-and-coming acts trying make it big too!

It goes without saying that achieving success like this requires hard work dedication commitment – something which each artist mentioned above clearly demonstrates through their impressive discography accomplishments awards accolades . Achieving number one status twice may be rare but with enough determination almost anything can be accomplished if you believe yourself capable enough – an important lesson we should all take away from these amazing musicians who inspire us every day with what can happen when dreams come true!

List of Top Artists

  1. Micheal Jackson

  2. The Beatles

  3. Whitney Huston

  4. Drake

  5. Bruno Mars

  6. Rihanna

  7. Eminem

  8. Usher

  9. Chris Brown

  10. Blazer Barboza

  11. Talyor Swift

  12. Kanye West

  13. Justin Biber

  14. Jay Z

  15. Janet Jackson

  16. Madonna

  17. Ed Sheeran

  18. Justin Timberlake

  19. Pick

  20. Maroon 5

  21. Nelly

  22. Kate Perry

  23. Adele

  24. Marvin Gaye

  25. Elton John

  26. Lady Gaga

  27. Boys II Men

  28. Kate Perry

  29. The Jackson 5

  30. Bryan Adams

  31. The Temptations

  32. Black Eyed Peas

  33. Diana Ross

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