Jordon Hopkins About and early Life

The Biography of Jordan Hopkins

Music| By Trevon Green

Jordon Hopkins was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland in June 16th 2001.

He started off being in love with music when he was 4. His favorite groups to listen to was the Temptations and Jackson 5.

He didn't get into hip hop until the first rap song he ever heard which was Independent by Webbie. He then found his second song Whatever You Like by T.I. that he could not stop listening to that made him start writing his first songs.

The very first hip hop album he heard was Take Care by Drake which he owned on cd and played on a cd player in 2011.

That album is one of the biggest inspiration in his music til this day. He didn't make his first official song until 2014 when his brother bought a mic and a old computer with recording software on it. He fell in love with making music and could not stay out of the home made studio. It didn't matter where he was recording as long as he was able to record. In 2015 he finally made a song that he felt like it was good enough to be public and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

That song is She Down For by Jordon Hopkins ft Nova. After he made that song he started working on his first album which took 2 years to complete Too Lazy To Make A Banger with songs like Get The Bag, Like Me, and Right Now.

After that album he felt he needed to improve so he stayed working on his rapping and singing skills til he completed 2 more albums Livin For The High Life which came out in 2019 and Lost In A Cruel Mind in 2020.

Til this day he still works as hard and have the same passion as he did when he first started recording music.