What is Independent Random Artist Pick With Veva Play ?

Whats new On Veva Play ?

As of 2022. Each Month Veva play Randomly picks a Independent Artist from around the globe to help. Our scouters can find talent anywhere even on social media. Veva Play offers this as a way to support unsigned artist's who are interested in getting there content to peak out on the independent artist Top 5 chart. We only advertise the Top 5 songs , the songs are viewed and selected by our scouters and then advertised on Veva Play Independent Top 5 Chart.

What's Next ?

If You Are selected , You will be asked to fill out a submission form ,''Click Here To View The Form''. This form is needed to collect information about the artists single that will be advertise. If the artist song stays on the independent Top 5 chart for 4weeks or more, it will be then moved to our Primary Hot 50 chart. positioning is unpredictable this depends on the fans interaction.

Affordable Website Marketing

Veva play Developers have built many quality music sites for music lovers around the globe to impress themselves. our sites are Listed Here Having quality represent your brand can mean a lot to fans , our web developers will create content around you as a music artist and help you capture a new audience in music , this will help lead to more notoriety for your brand. Our Developers have put time into every website that was created to make sure your brand stands out over the web. Below You will find our Marketing Packages below. As time Progress more quality websites will be added to our site list.