NBA 2k22 Intro Audio Created By Blazer Barboza Titled PJ Dozier

Music | By Dillion Griffin

PJ Dozier Theme Song Title ''Ball Is Vibe'' a Sample By Blazer Barboza

Blazer Barboza recently created a sample audio to present to NBA 2k22 The Video game . Ellison presented the audio for PJ Dozier, a NBA player who plays for the Denver Nuggets. The sound track was originally designed as a theme song revolving around the Basketball player. NBA 2k22 is one of the most common video games played by teens around the world.

NBA 2k22 developer's has connected with major record labels such as Columbia Records, Warner Music and Def Jam , and Blazer Barboza has worked with Artists from Atlantic records and Warner Music. Blazer Barboza has a history of creating pop and rap Music , he is also skilled in the field of Marketing, Management and A&r (Artists and repertoire). Blazer Barboza is now considering management for sports players, he's also in work of presenting future sound tracks to NBA 2k22.