Top Artists that Charted on Veva Play after gaining 1 Million Spotify streams

How Veva Play Count Streams and Album sales for Charting. Veva play and Spotify sponsor and More....

| Music ''Veva Play Receives sponsor from Spotify financial investments and more.''

By | Xion Dixon

Does Spotify Streams Count for Veva play chart ?

Spotify Streams do count for Veva play charts in order for a single to reach the veva play chart You need to sell, on average, 350 to 500 albums in the first week to get on a Veva play chart. Or get between 562,400 and 1,687,500 streams. Or have a combination of the two.

Veva Play chart became well known after main steam artist like Harry style , DJ Khaled , Lizzo and more reach the Veva play charts. Harry Styles has over 1M streams on Spotify , this helped him land no.1 on the Veva play charts.

Spotify stats are a main key factor when determining the success of a music artist. In 2022 the founder of Veva play was interested in joining a partnership with Spotify to receive direct stats for charts. Spotify has sponsored Veva play financially helping the creators of Veva play charts with marketing and advertising.