Dorothy Milone Releases New Single Gift and Dip Sheds light on Cheating

Gift and Dip is Dorothy Milone Latest single covering Cheating , Dishonesty and Betrayal

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By Xian Griffin

2hrs Ago

Many of us have dealt with infidelities in our past relationships, and they are oftentimes extremely difficult to bear. “Gift and Dip” is one r&b/pop song which sheds light on cheating but points out that the victim in the relationship can and should accept any of their ex-lover’s material attempts to say sorry even if the victim isn’t willing to forgive.

The Dorothy Milone ladies discover that they are experiencing dishonesty from the same person during the holidays, but rather than allow their once trusted partner to ruin their holiday cheer, they decide to accept aparting gift from their former lover before moving on with their single lives. The song is perfect for those who have ever felt betrayed by a loved one during the holiday season but are willing to grow past the pain and come out of the situation a little bit stronger. The song’s catchy hook and melodious vocals are sure to have everyone who has suffered a toxic relationship singing along after a single listen.